Decorate yourself with Beautiful Punjabi mehandi designs

Mehandi designing is a great work of art. There are plenty of patterns and designs, each inspired with different parts of the world or countries, each design involving great deal of patterns and lines that make the overall designing appear outstanding. The popular designs these days are the Punjabi Mehandi designs, called so because of the designs being closer to Punjabi tradition and culture.

The Punjabi Mehandi designs lay special emphasis on the Punjabi culture involving lot of Punjabi symbols and depictions. The Punjabi Mehandi designs are unique as it involves lot of intricate designs and have “chudi” or bangles kind of design all over the hands. This is especially most admired by college going girls who like to wear these designs over their arms and wrists, making it appear fashionable and simple in the same way.The Punjabi

The Punjabi mehandi designs for the brides are also greatly in demand, as it involves lot of different patterns and lines that depict a great story of flowers and blooms and other designs to make the whole design complete. Shading plays an important role in the Punjabi mehandi design.

Punjabi mehandi designs are not only famous in its native place Punjab, but also all over India, especially when women prefer simple and floral designs. Punjabi mehandi designs are also popular in Pakistan. There are plenty of Punjabi designing books that are available in the store that you can make use of when you want to choose a Punjabi mehandi design. No matter what the occasion, a woman is complete with beautifully designed henna on her hands and nothing looks more elegant and beautiful than Punjabi

No matter what the occasion, a woman is complete with beautifully designed henna on her hands and nothing looks more elegant and beautiful than Punjabi mehandi Design. Simple with floral patterns and shading, and applied all over the palm and hand, these designs look great for weddings, festivals and small parties too.

For you, We’ve some example designs of Punjabi Mehandi. Here are they,

Punjabi mehandi designs for legs

Credits –

Clean and simple punjabi mehandi designCredits –

Punjabi mehandi designsCredits –

Punjabi mehandi designs driedCredits –

So, now you have seen Punjabi Mehandi designs here and you can now decide which mehandi designs will suite you…. If you want to see other Punjabi Mehandi designs then you can get them from the web.

Design your feets with Mehandi designs for feets

The attraction of Indian weddings can be seen everywhere, as the bridal mehandi Designs for feet and hands also reveal the joyous mood of the wedding ceremonial. Cones are convenient utensils for creating new patterns, just as paper stencils are accessible for instant application. No one can avoid the declaration of faith.

Women mostly desire to put mehandi on their hands and also on their feet. mehandi on the Legs and feet of brides the most expected fashion in mehandi trend. Legs and feet with mehandi make the bride very attractive and beautiful.

A mehandi design for feet and hands might even be utilized during occasions as they give a very attractive, charming and beautiful look. Nowadays, there is a variety of mehandi designs to select for mehni lovers. These designs can be selected from net, magazines or any other sources. The current trend has also fetched in styled mehandi patterns. These patterns are very much admired among the mehandi lovers, especially young girls of Asia. These pattern sketches are created by thin outline, and the central vacant part is filled with dress unblemished mehandi with mascara.

Many women and girls like to apply mehandi designs for feet along with the hands too. The designs and the manner of applying mehandi on foot is very special that of hands. The mehandi is softly designed over the upper side of the feet. The women who design mehandi over her feet could not walk until the mehandi dries in order to avoid the design from getting flawed and spoiled.

Coming to the Arabic style mehandi, these mehandi designs for feet are quite popular worldwide. Most of them are uncomplicated floral motifs put on hands and feet of women. They typically reflect the skills of artists and design uniqueness of all traditions in the region of Arabian Peninsula.

Here are the Mehandi designs for Feets,

Foot Mehndi Designs


Mehandi designs for foot


Arabic mehandi designs for foot


indian bridal mehandi designs for foots


So, These are some best Mehandi designs for foots. If you want to see more, then you can get it from google and many other websites online.

Give your hands a stunning look by applying south Indian mehandi designs

South Indian mehandi designs are quite captivating as they are easy to draw and look very attractive. Millions of tourists come to south India to enjoy their vacations. There are lots of places tourist can visit in south India. The women of south India enjoy a lot by applying henna designs on their hands. No wedding of south India is complete without mehandi.

Applying mehandi is an art. The south Indian mehandi designs are very easy to learn, and you can apply them on your hands also. Especially, the mehandi ceremony is incomplete without applying mehandi on the bride’s another girl’s hands. The weddings of Indo Pak are very much colorful and Enjoyable. Who ever has attended the wedding of these two states must have seen the ceremony of mehandi. Every style of mehandi is applied on the hands of women. Most famous among them is the south Indian mehandi designs that are very heavy designs and are unique as well.

You can now search the south Indian mehandi designs on the internet as well. You do not need to buy expensive mehandi design books. You can simple log on to a web page which shares a lots of beautiful south Indian mehandi designs with you. Now, different colors of henna are available in the markets which include black, red, green and orange. Try all these colors of henna and apply the south Indian mehandi designs on your hands in different colors.

So, do not worry and take up an impressive south Indian mehandi design from a web page and shares it with your friend who can apply it on your hands.

Now, as you know that south indian mehandi designs are very easy to make, Easy to learn as well as they are unique. For you, we have some examples of this type of mehandi designs. So, here are they:

Example 1 : 

South indian mehandi designs


Example 2 : 

South indian mehandi designs


Example 3 : 

South indian mehandi designs example


Example 4 : 

Example of south indian mehandi desingns


Example 5 : 

Mehandi designs for bride


This are the examples of south indian mehandi designs. If you need more designs then We will update soon as well as you can get more designs from google or from other sites.

Which Mehandi designs suit for raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Poonam is the most awaited and celebrated festival all over India and world wide. Raksha Bandhan is a special festival celebrated by brothers and sisters all over the world. It lays emphasis on the greater bond between a brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan means a link of protection that exists between a brother and a sister, where a brother promises a sister that he would protect her from every harm and evil. This promise is solemnised with the helps of a Rakhi that is tied on the brother’s wrist and the brother in return showers his sister with gifts and sweets.

Rakhi mehandi designs are popular during the Raksha Bandhan festival as the sisters love to dress up well for their brothers. No festival is complete without mehandi application, and Rakhi mehandi designs are not far behind when it comes to the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi mehandi designs add to the over all appeal of the sister, making her hands look lovelier. A woman is never complete without the intricate mehandi designs on her palms and hands. The green of the wet mehandi is soothing to the hands and when it dries off and leaves a pleasant orange colour on the palm it looks lovely.

Rakhi mehandi designs vary from traditional intricate floral designs to popular marwardi designs. The choice is yours. Raksha bandhan is a special time for both the brother and the sister and you need to look your best on this festive occasion, applying rakhi mehandi designs makes a sister look special and a brother making it even more special for the sister by making a promise and providing her with gifts. Celebrate the eternal bond of love and affection between a brother and a sister with intricate rakhi mehandi designs.

Get completed with Gujarati mehandi designs

Which mehandi designs gives a different look to your hands? Gujarati mehandi designs are the answer to this question. The good news is that for these designs, you do not need to go to Gujarat. You can check them out by sitting back at your home through the internet.

Gujarat is a quite big state of India. The people of Gujarati have their own superb rich culture, which is totally different from other states of India. They have the marvelous food items which are excitedly enjoyed by the people all over the India. They have their own fashion industry. That is why the women of Gujarat have introduced a lot of trends in fashion. mehandi or henna is one of these fashions which are widely accepted by the Gujarati women. They have introduced new trends in mehandi designs that are amazing and look so beautiful that you can’t neglect them at all.

The Gujarati mehandi designs are available for hands, arms and feet. They are very much popular all over the world. Girls feel incomplete without applying henna on their hands. The Gujarati mehandi help them to make themselves more beautiful and impressive.

You can also find the Gujarati mehandi designs on the internet easily. There are a number of websites available on the net that give you the wonderful collection of Gujarati mehandi designs. These designs are easy to copy, and then you can apply them to your hands. These designs are free and available 24 hours on the internet. You can also save them and print them.

So, now you do not need to worry about how to apply the Gujarati mehandi designs on your hand and feet. Just log on to any Gujarati henna design’s website and take a look to amazing henna patterns. You can impress your friends by putting such a beautiful Gujarati design in your hands.

So, now as you know that Gujarati mehandi or heena is the best for you, you will like to see some examples of gujarati mehandi designs and here is it,


Hand designed with Gujarati mehandi designs


source : imgbuddy



Gujarati Henna Mehndi  Designs For Brides



Gujarati mehandi designs for legs


source : stylesatlife



Peacock in hands designed with gujarati mehandi



Artistic Gujarati mehandi designs


So, this are the examples of Attractive gujarati mehandi designs and if you liked it then you can find many more mehandi designs online. You will also like Rajasthani mehandi designs because that are also made with beautiful designs..

Decorate your hands with Rajasthani Mehandi Designs

Rajasthani mehandi designs are famous all over the world especially in the Asian countries. Rajasthan is known for its rich cultural and traditional values and customs. The women of Rajasthan love to make them beautiful. They wear bangles, jewelry and apply beautiful henna on their hands.

The Rajasthani mehandi designs were made by the people of Rajasthan, who actually invented these beautiful patterns of henna on hand and feet. Later, these designs were copied by many countries’ women all around the world. These designs are unique In terms of their style. Mehandi is the combination of the symbols of festivity, emotions and happiness.

Women all around the world actually enjoy this activity a lot by applying mehandi on their hands and even applying mehandi on their friends and relative’s hands. Especially, the Mehandi ceremony of weddings in India and Pakistan include lots of practice of applying mehandi on bride’s hands and even legs.

On the chand raat which is they day before the Eid, number of Muslim women apply mehandi on their hands. They pay the ladies who apply mehandi on the hands. The most favorite among the mehandi styles is the rajasthani mehandi art which is more demanding and beautiful.

The demand of this mehandi style is a lot in both of these countries. Almost all the ceremonies, whether they are religious like Eid, Diwali or Christmas, or it is some family gathering like the birthday party; any wedding, and rajasthani mehandi designs are popular in all these celebrations and are favorites.

You can also enhance the beauty of your hands, arms and feet by applying beautiful rajasthani mehandi and give yourself a different and amazing look. People will really praise you when they look the beautiful rajasthani mehandi designs on your hands.

So for example, let us show you best rajasthani designs that you can apply on your hands,


Rajasthani mehandi designs

credits : Mehndi design


Example of rajasthani mehandi designs


credits : newmehandidesigns




credits : weddingceleb


one more rajasthani mehandi design example

credits : stylesatlife

You will also like Gujarati mehandi designs if you want to see more artistic mehandi designs.

So, this are the best rajasthani mehandi designs and you can also use this mehandi designs if you are bride or want to apply on any bride.